Info about Bergen ungdomslag Ervingen

Bergen ungdomslag Ervingen is a culture organisation with lots of different activities. As a member of Bergen ungdomslag Ervingen you may try norwegian folk dance, play folk music, play theater and improvisation, try “kveding” which is norwegian folk singing, or you may join our choir. We also host different events, parties, concerts, quiz’ and much more. In Fana, a bit outside the city we also have a cabin where our members can go on retreats and have social events.

Our regular activities:

  • Choir (Kor e’ tonen) every Monday 18.30-21.00 (send an email to if you’re interested in joining!)
  • Folk dance for everybody every Monday 20.00-22.00
  • Kveding (folk singing) every second Tuesday (even number weeks) 19.00-21.00
  • “Audhilds” (folk music group) every Wednesday 18.00-20.00. Must bring your own intstrument that you can play.
  • “Folk dance in focus” every Wednesday 20.00-22.00
  • Theater and impro every Thursday 19.00-21.00

Everything happens in GIMLE
Adr.: Kong Oscars gate 18

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